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The conversations should feel natural and easygoing. They should seem passionate and sincere about whatever the subject is. We want it to feel like two friends hanging out rather than a pre-meditated interview. For example, Rick and his guest could be sitting on the beach together as they recuperate after surfing. We don’t need to see the activity, just get the sense that they’ve been doing something together and this conversation has suddenly sparked.








We start each episode in a wide shot with “Sessions with Rick” overlaid. Rick and his guest are already mid-conversation and we cut in tight to a close up. Rick puts out an interesting thesis statement. We’re immediately brought into the fold.










We try to keep it in natural locations during daylight hours. We want it to feel like two friends hanging out on a pleasant day. Nothing that feels too staged.


-Rick Rubin’s house in Malibu. Hanging out on the couch.

-The Beach. Sitting on surfboards after surfing

-Balcony. Hanging out on the balcony of a Hotel Room

-Pool. Swimming and lounging around the pool.

-Park Bench. Sitting down after a long walk.

-Outdoor Cafe. Having lunch together.








-Roughly 3 minutes a video. Could be longer or shorter depending on the convo.

-If a particular guest or convo is extra interesting we can release an extended cut for fans.









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Our plan is to gather piles of old magazines from the early 70’s. We’ll then create a surreal collage of images that animate to the music. The images will be steeped in the time when Shuggie was writing this song, but the video will feel fresh and modern. Over cut we take vintage photographs of shuggie and have him sing along to the song, a la Terry Gilliam. It’s not an homage to the 70’s its about creating something that’s visually experimental but poppy, just like ‘Special.’ We’ll have moments that reflect the love song kind of lyrics, but overall we’ll keep it loose and fun.


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